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Safety and Performance

CW Maintenance free is our line of Maintenance Free casters designed to reduce force exerted to turn, or start rolling when all of the wheels are not parallel. They feature neoprene sealed precision ball bearings and hardened raceways, providing smooth swivel rotation with less effort.

Sealed Precision Ball Bearings

  • Smooth and easy movement minimizing force exerted

  • Sealed and never need greasing, providing years of consistent performance

  • Reduce noise caused by swivel

Swivel Section

  • Hardened raceways with neoprene sealed precision ball bearings provide smooth rotation

  • Precise fitting inner and outer raceways with tight tolerance to eliminate “play.”

Custom Swivel Leads 

  • Swivel lead lengths are extended to achieve optimal ergonomic performance for your application

Maintenance Free

  • Ensures consistent performance, unlike casters that require greasing creating risk of reduced 

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