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Ergonomics Safety & Efficiency

For a workplace to be both safe and effective, ergonomics is immensely important.

Ergonomics is the relationship between the efficiency of workers and their workplace.


Most Common Safety Issues in Workplace

  • Loss of Hearing
  • Overexertion
  • Collision Related Injuries
  • Moving Heavy Loads

Loss of Hearing:

Loss of hearing is a major issue for both workers and employers. If there is excessive noise in the workplace this greatly increases the margin for error. Due to this OSHA has set guidelines that are designed to help manage noise control and also recommends engineering controls in order to reduce noise.


If employees become overexerted then this leads to reduced performance and a long recovery rate. Overexertion often takes place because of industrial cart weight; this can easily be improved simply by buying an ergonomic caster that reduces push force. The CW Ultra Wheel was created to help with this, the Ultra Wheel stores energy in order to improve the effort required to stop and start pushing even a heavily weighed cart.

Collision Related Injuries:

Accidents can occur easily. Casters with toe guards are designed to help prevent heavy carts from rolling over employee's feet.Caster breaks similarly help prevent the cart from rolling away. Another thing that helps prevent accidents from occurring is swivel locks that allow greater control for steering the cart.

Moving Heavy Loads:

Heavy loads may weigh tons, this can be very stressful for employee's who deal with these loads daily. These heavy loads also may cause risk to equipment, or possibly even equipment failure. If caster equipment fails the material on top of the cart may crush employee's and even cause damage to the materials or the workplace. our staff at Caster Works Inc. however are experts who can help you fine the right caster for any situation that is needed.

Ergonomic Ultra Wheel


The CW Ultra Wheel was designed just for these issues. This wheel not only stores energy for ease with pushing and stopping. It also won't pick up debris, in order to help prevent accidents from occurring. Another benefit this wheel provides is reduced noise, which allows workers and the work environment to increase work production and efficiency.

Push Vs. Pull

Pushing is perferable to pulling a cart.

  • Employee's are able to exert more force when pushing than pulling.

  • When pulling the cart, the body is placed in a awkward position, which places stress on the body and causes an increased risk of injury.

  • When pulling the cart, employee's are at risk of their feet being run over by the cart.

  • When pulling employee's are also unable to see where they intend to travel with the cart due to facing the opposite direction

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