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Casters Keep Things Moving


Is Caster Capacity Important?

Casters are typically separated int three different categories: light duty, medium-duty, and heavy-duty casters. It is immensely important to know the load capacities that these different type of casters require. This is so the casters will not malfunction or become overloaded. Casters that are overloaded generally perform poorly and are quickly damaged, especially when used heavily.

How to Choose Wheel Material?

Generally, wheels that are made with a harder material are used on soft flooring; whereas a wheel with softer material is used on harder flooring. However, there are exceptions to this rule that the experienced staff at Caster Works Inc. are always willing and ready to  discuss with you. Durometer is also important in relation to this. Durometer is the measure of a wheels hardness on a hundred point scale with letters in relation to the letters A and D. A represents a softer wheel; whereas D represents a harder wheel. At the same time regarding to numbers the higher the number is the harder the wheel is. 

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