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Shop Replacement Casters and Wheels for your Laundry Cart

Caster Works Inc. has seen first hand the damage your laundry cart casters and wheels take from every day use and abuse. Kids pushing each-other around in the laundromat carts while the parents are doing laundry, or the constant movement of the casters going indoors to outdoors to loading and unloading laundry all while moving over obstacles, asphalt, back into the laundromat, and don't get us started with the chemicals, water, and environment these wheels and casters are exposed to every single day. 

Caster Works Inc .has your Laundry Cart Casters and Wheels Solution! We wanted to save you money and hassle and be able to offer an affordable replacement caster that is one size fits all to make it easy for everyone to replace their laundry cart casters or wheels!

This is the first caster in the history of the industry to be specifically designed for laundries. Our Thread Guard design has been rigorously tested and will outperform your expectations in minimizing lint & thread pick up GUARANTEED!


  • 4" & 5" polyurethane wheel creates less floor friction, meaning less material build-up on the wheel

  • Sealed bearing raceway minimizes dirt contamination

  • Dual sealed precision bearing system designed for smooth rolling and years of high-performance universal Laundry Cart Replacement Caster: Replaces R&B Wire Casters and many more Casters for Laundry Carts.

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