Rigid & Swivel Casters

Rigid Casters:

  • Unable to turn, specifically allow forward and backward movement only.

Swivel Casters:

  • Able to turn a full 360 degrees

Rigid Casters:

A mounted set of forks that are unable to turn. Moving solely forward and backward in a straight line. It is immensely important that when pacing rigid casters that they all line up correctly.

This caster type is more durable than swivel casters and can hold heavier cargo. 

Swivel Casters:

Swivel Casters are best used in an area with limited space as they are able to turn a fully circle in seconds.


One large benefit of swivel casters is that they are able to turn even while carrying heavy loads, due to the casters ball bearings.


The con is that this type of caster is difficult to keep in a straight line so it recommended that it is used while traveling only short distances.

Sometimes It's Both:

Often moving a cart requires both of these abilities: being able to turn, while also being able to continue in a straight line.

By combining both -- with two rigid casters and two swivel casters your cart will be able to provide both of these. This type of configuration is able to hold both heavy and medium weight loads.

Our company is willing to provide you with any type of caster that you need to help improve your business!

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