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There are multiple different types of casters along with caster bearings. The bearings on a caster effect the casters specific usage and durability. When picking a caster be sure to choose one that suites you, and if you need help our team at Caster Works Inc. is always willing and ready to provide the help and tools you need!

Delrin Bearing:

A Delrin Bearing is best suited for areas that are filled with excess humidity, water, brine conditions, along with steam cleanings. To help in these difficult situations the Delrin bearing is made to be both corrosion resistant and be able to maintain form and function in humid and fluctuating temperatures.

Plain & Sleeve Bearing:

The most simple type of bearing, the Plain & Sleeve Bearing is intended to be used to constrain rather than to help the caster roll because it uses a sliding function instead of a rolling function. So this bearing is used generally when rolling is not critical or promoted.This bearing is simply a metal sleeve that is inserted into a wheel, resting on it's axle.

Annular Ball Bearing:

The Annular Ball Bearing is best suited for light to medium ranged loads (around 1,200lbs for each wheel) along with areas that require quiet operation and rolling ease. This bearing is a precision type with machined hardened raceways. If that is the case this type of bearing will provide exactly what you need!

Bronze Bearing:

The bearing best suited for industry work, since it is so durable in multiple conditions of operation. Due to this the Bronze Bearing comes highly recommended for all and practically any application. However the composition of the Bronze Bearing can and may be tailored to specific needs of your industry.

Precision Sealed Ball Bearing:

Precision Sealed Ball Bearings are generally used for carrying medium to heavy loads. Yet this bearing type does not generate much noise at all, allowing the caster to provide a quiet system of operation when using or pushing a cart. It also promotes zero lubrication, zero rigidity, and even the ultimate ease when rolling.

Roller Bearing:

The Roller Bearing allows casters to hold a much greater load because the overall load is spread over a larger area. This bearing is also able to absorb friction, but is not recommended for thrust loads. If this bearing is combined with certain elements it is able to be further protected from dirt and from water or chemicals.

As a reminder, each of these bearing types are best suited for use in specific environments. Along with that they all have subdivisions of the types of bearings listed and these are not all the possible bearings. However, we at Caster Works Inc. are always willing to help you find just the bearing you need for your job! Contact us today: 1-800-599-5131

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