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Hand truck wheels and tires for hand trucks are sold by Caster Works Inc. for replacements and new applications. All name brands and models for material handling equipment are supplied, including OEM options. Flat free caster options available upon request. Hand Truck Tires fit all major brand Manufacturers including Harper, Wesco, B&P, Magliner, RWM and majority of all Dollies, Hand Trucks, and equipment.

Caster Works Inc. offers a universal 5 Inch Hand Truck Caster That Fits B&P, Harper, & Magliner!

Usually Ships in 1 to 2 Business Days.

HAND TRUCK WHEELS  8" Flat Free replacement: Harper, RWM SN2, WH14, Wesco Z8  10" Flat Free replacement: Harper, WH60, B&P D2, RWM SN2,  Wesco Z2 B&P

Hand truck caster

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