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The Ultra Caster Wheel

Caster Works Inc. formula of urethane absorbs energy which offers an energized wheel, allowing the wheel to start rolling easier due to stored energy. Caster Works Inc. new formulation of urethane also helps release heat generated from the friction due to constant use, and towing like you would see in the industrial ongoing tow lines. The results are numerous, including longer lifetime and more acceptable use of the caster without failure even under continuous and strenuous use. The newly formulated caster wheel has found popularity among automotive plants, tire plants and aircraft plants, and those with industrial towlines wanting to lower factory noise levels, improve floor protection, and reduce tread failures, along with extending caster life.


Safety and Performance

CW Maintenance free is our line of Maintenance Free casters designed to reduce force exerted to turn, or start rolling when all of the wheels are not parallel. They feature neoprene sealed precision ball bearings and hardened raceways, providing smooth swivel rotation with less effort.

Sealed Precision Ball Bearings

  • Smooth and easy movement minimizing force exerted

  • Sealed and never need greasing, providing years of consistent performance

  • Reduce noise caused by swivel

Swivel Section

  • Hardened raceways with neoprene sealed precision ball bearings provide smooth rotation

  • Precise fitting inner and outer raceways with tight tolerance to eliminate “play.”

Custom Swivel Leads Available

  • Swivel lead lengths can be extended to achieve optimal ergonomic performance for your application

Maintenance Free caster

  • Ensures consistent performance, unlike casters that require greasing creating risk of reduced

The CW Ultra’s durable polyurethane tread also features a debris-rejecting quality, meaning the wheel doesn’t damage or mark floors, helping to lower time spent on floor upkeep.

The Ultra Wheel pictured here is Mechanically interlocked to the core of the wheel preventing the specially formulated tread from debonding from the core of the wheel due to friction and side thrust impact.

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